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Too Small to Fail: Opportunities in Securing Small and Medium Businesses
  • Track RaiseMe (Harbor I & II): Friday 1600-1650

Opportunities at small businesses are often overlooked when it comes to mature Security Operations. This is a huge gap, especially in the face of supply chain attacks, and breaches like Target. When you consider their place in the security ecosystem, these businesses are “too small to fail.”

This talk gives practical steps for those new to Information Security, those trying to hone their skills, or new to the unique differences in securing these types of business. Attendees will walk away with a practical guide for ““how”” these businesses are secured, with explanations that are approachable to people who do not yet have a deep Information Security background.

Hudson Bush is a Security Architect that injects Threat Modeling into everything he does. He mostly works with Government Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, and Business Impact Analysis. His goal is...
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